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Hello @wizard @Novachord @hecate @FuryWarlock Here is a new animation with Novachord's music track "Tsunami of Memories" ✨🎵

It's not a problem, but we have to not make the mistake of thinking about AI being like robots and it makes us like robots. I mean that may be the goal. But for one thing AI is very much the result of programming in our biases.

What AI does is to try and take the responsibility of of judgement calls away. It's easier to say oh the AI made that decision rather than the bias was programmed in and then other humans learned how to hack around it.

Now there may be a need for decisions to be made at Scale, or for results to be processed at Scale.

But we need to be able to easily access the processes and be able to try and understand how those decisions are made.

That comes from being able to inspect the data sets and looking at how the, AI systems were created.

We also need to be able to look at existing decisions and try to understand how they got there.

Think about it as a bit like technical boy in the American Gods TV series and his back story.

With the mechanical turk like storyline. People found out the fraud of it.

It's why we need transparency on what datasets AI systems get trained on. What went into the creation of it in the first place.

We used to call this knowledge based programming/systems for a reason, it helped to keep focus on where the data for decision making came from. What rules were made etc.

"hatching feelings"
buried feelings of despair, sadness and loneliness tend to hatch sometimes.

CW: multiple limbs

#MastoArt #fediart #procreate

Indeed, notice the feeling of being reduced to a thing, a number, a metric.

Which is the real sickness in our society. We live at Scale, where its easier to see the numbers rather than the human beings. To foster that distance is a must in the way our economies currently are setup to work.

@wizard @Novachord @FuryWarlock @hecate Here is the animated clip for the scene where Ren sees Ruby for the first time as a mechanic. Rocking music by Novachord 🎸✨ Bar club animated scenes coming up next!

@caravaggio @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate @Ragnar Future idea for Caravaggio + Novachord: I would love to see an animation of this scene with Novachord's music.

It would be awesome for the K.N.O.W. crystal on Runa's forehead to fade in, light up and start swirling because Runa is so deeply emotionally affected by the power of Ren's music which causes her to fall in Love with him despite his short comings.

JP Morgan implementing the Panopticon to surveill their employees. The reason for tracking their employees is to foster the paranoia. To keep them working in their observed cell as they know they are being observed . Bentham's idea made real. Like what Orwell described in 1984.
RT @FinanceInsider
But the JPMorgan employees @thisisinsider spoke to said the reasons the bank tracks this information are vague — and that, internally…

Shortcuts integration on iOS is coming soon! Actually, you can already test it out via TestFlight:

And we’ve also written up a short guide on how to set up „Auto Photo Upload“:

If all goes well, 2.3.0 will be released next week!

@wizard @Novachord @FuryWarlock @hecate Hello! Here is a new animation for when Ren looks for a mechanic for his broken moped. His first meetup with a woman named Ruby 😎 Music by Novachord!

@wizard @hecate @FuryWarlock @Novachord Something even juicier is in the progress! 😅 Sharing a current work in progress for the next post, it is 90% complete, just a bit more shading. But you can see a wonderful shared first kiss between Ren and Runa in the rain, but a heartbreaking scene to witness for Ruby </3

@wizard @hecate @Novachord @FuryWarlock
"I only invited you." he said, still avoiding eye contact. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I broke your trust or if you feel betrayed. I only did that because I care for you. I see the real you, Ren. I know you have greatness within you but you're afraid to show it. I want you to see that people appreciate you--"

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@wizard @hecate @Novachord @FuryWarlock Something juicy! ❤️ After Ren's performance and as he waits for Runa outside the bar, here is the 2nd part of their conversation:

Does anyone else sound like an anime character when they sneeze? My sneezes are the tiniest achoo

@wizard Thank you so much for your kind words. Means a lot to me!😊💖

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