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Ren: "Of course. Of course Runa has a date. This isn't OUR date! How stupid am I? I don't deserve someone as special as Runa. She's way out of my league. Wait, is that... RUBY??"

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Hello @wizard @Novachord @FuryWarlock @hecate Afterwards the performance, Ren looks for Runa. He was heartbroken and disappointed to see that Runa actually has a date. And it is his moped’s mechanic!!

We've released updates to matrix-appservice-irc to patch a High security vulnerability. It's advised to update to 0.34.0 as soon as possible.

The bridges operated by the Foundation have been patched. this feeling?? 😮 @wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @hecate As soon as the song is finished, Ren stood there for a minute wondering what's this emotion he's feeling right now... Ren could finally be realizing he's falling in love with Runa?? I'll post captions below :)

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Our eyes met and it's like an unspoken mutual understanding between us. I believed in him and he believed in me. He continued to play his guitar solo riff and the emotions just filled up the room! Even his schoolmates are all surprised and amazed!

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Hello @wizard @Novachord @FuryWarlock @hecate 👋 Here's the next post, as Ren continues to play his guitar solo, he looks for Runa in the crowd and their eyes meet. He couldn't believe he's playing in front of this many people! I'll post the caption below :)

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It doesn't take long before Ren's performance to hit viral on social media. The popular kids are here and posted him, super impressed. They are all mostly positive encouragements and compliments. Ren, you are finally recognized and seen as who you truly are.

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Hello @wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @hecate 👋 It’s our boy Ren’s night of glory as he’s beginning to be known online with his talents courtesy of Runa and Ruby 😎 I’ll post the caption in the comment below :)

Politics subtoot 

Yes, but I mean I wouldn't want to be responsible for corrupting people's morals, next thing you know the will be looking at combine harvesters.

It's a slippery slope.

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Great! The b!tches that humiliated Ren are here just like I planned. One of the students from their group is Ruby's garage client and she helped me find out their names so I can hack and send out a fake influencer invitation party. Soon the rest of their friends will be here too. Bet they didn't expect this crowd and place. If I could read their minds they're probably thinking they're too good for this bar. Tch.

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Hello @FuryWarlock @wizard @Novachord @hecate 👋 Here is next post when Runa goes back to the floor to meet back with Ruby. They see the girls who bullied Ren just as they planned :) I will post caption below :)

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Soon the band started playing. Ren smoothly played his guitar at the back. Oh wait, it's time for his guitar solo! Play it cool, Ren. I know you're surprised to see your schoolmates in the audience, but trust me, you can do this. You just have to believe in yourself.

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@wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @hecate Here is another one when Ren starts playing his guitar solo as his first public performance :) He’s not expecting to see his schoolmates to be in the event, but he plays it cool 😎 Though they do not know Ren, they’re obviously stunned with his skills :D I will post the caption below :)

*rubs eyes blearily*

I'm up! The server is alive! Woooh!

New people, welcome to Mastodon and the Fediverse!

Here's how to get started:

1. Find some people to follow over on @FediFollows, and through Trunk (

2. Find out your Mastodon/Fediverse address so you can share it with friends (

3. Invite people to join you on here by telling them to go to and click on "Get Started". It doesn't matter if they join a different server because the servers talk to each other (here's a bit more of an explanation

4. Find out what the Fediverse is (

5. Find out why Mastodon being on so many different servers/instances is a really good thing (

6. If you see anything nasty, you can report it to your friendly server admin (

7. You can (sort of) verify your account if you own a website (

If you have any questions, @ me or DM me!

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

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