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All 🇪🇺 countries and 2 participating states in the #EUCivPro Mechanism have offered support and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Countries keep delivering help via #rescEU and the established hubs in neighbouring countries.

This is #EUSolidarity in action.


#introduction hello everyone I'm SImon, digital artist from Vienna. I mostly paint fanart of books I like and some original fantasy stuff :)


Hello! I'm Allison, aka Ammo (she/her). I'm a late level 40s-something gaming nerd, self-taught artist, and podcast co-host. Married, with cats.

I'm mostly into RPGs and play a heckin' lot of FFXIV and Genshin Impact. I adore and am constantly inspired by stuff like Fire Emblem, Persona and the Xenoseries, so expect to see lots of doodles along those lines.


Hi! I’m Caravaggio the illustrator of the new comic series "The Legend of Runa".

#Introduction A story of a beautiful alien girl accidentally stuck on Earth because of her curiosity. As she struggles to exist on Earth, she continuously experiences discrimination, repressive systems, bullying, and assault just because she is "different". With her friends, they fight against the corrupt system trapping artists around the world, and worlds! 😉 Please look at my work and follow me for updates.

Il existe des petits êtres aussi fragiles que rares, qu'il faut protéger farouchement et précieusement 💙
There are small beings as fragile as they are rare, which must be fiercely and preciously protected 💙
#dragon #art #fantasy #chane

Landing on Thunderbird Daily later today: global font size setting control.

This will allow you to change the font size of the entire application, independently from the zoom level of single messages.

It currently doesn't work for dialogs, but it's a start. More improvements soon

eye contact, ffxiv shadowbringers spoilers 

"But I have overstayed my welcome. I shall look forward to seeing you bring the world to its knees, hero."

#ffxiv #mastoArt

@wizard @hecate @FuryWarlock @Novachord Yess!! After re-watching Bladerunner 2049 I’ve a ew shots in mind I can’t wait to implement over the next (upcoming) action scenes!!! 😎

@wizard @hecate @FuryWarlock @Novachord


The performance was exceptional but it's time to go home now. Ren must be waiting outside starting up his moped-- Huh?
"I didn't know you smoke." I glared at him. "It was you, was it?" He asked. He didn't even look at me. Is he mad? "You invited those people from school, didn't you? Why did you do that? And Ruby, are you two together?" What's with the attitude, Ren?

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Hello @wizard @hecate @FuryWarlock @Novachord 👋 Here is the next panel after Ren sees Runa and Ruby sweetly cuddling together. He is heartbroken and disappointed but of course he can’t deny his feelings. Runa finds him waiting outside. I will post caption below :)

I spoke about this a few years ago at various conferences. This video is from LCA 2020.
As well as talking about mass data collection, Mythology and Jeremy Bentham, it also contains cows.

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#RFC1984 When I talk about mass data collection and the danger from each little bit of data and metadata we put up there; the danger isn't just from Governments and Law enforcement. It's from any power structure that seeks control. That data is leverage. #virtualpanopticon
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(1) #ElonMusk isn’t just buying #twitter, he’s buying every DM, private tweet, and bit of metadata it has, and I’m terrified what that means for society.…

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