@wizard @hecate @FuryWarlock @Novachord Something even juicier is in the progress! 😅 Sharing a current work in progress for the next post, it is 90% complete, just a bit more shading. But you can see a wonderful shared first kiss between Ren and Runa in the rain, but a heartbreaking scene to witness for Ruby </3

@wizard @hecate @Novachord @FuryWarlock
"I only invited you." he said, still avoiding eye contact. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I broke your trust or if you feel betrayed. I only did that because I care for you. I see the real you, Ren. I know you have greatness within you but you're afraid to show it. I want you to see that people appreciate you--"

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@wizard @hecate @Novachord @FuryWarlock Something juicy! ❤️ After Ren's performance and as he waits for Runa outside the bar, here is the 2nd part of their conversation:

Does anyone else sound like an anime character when they sneeze? My sneezes are the tiniest achoo

@wizard Thank you so much for your kind words. Means a lot to me!😊💖

@Some_Emo_Chick Insane conspiracy theory: This screenshot and the text "Go beyond the obvious here" was also from a bot.

@Kilirai Completely blown away by how beautiful some of your art is! Especially the Dragon and Wolf art! Instant subscribe! Masterful!

Remnants of Miyazaki but fresh. Powerful. Inspirational!

@FediFollows @Kilirai Instant subscribe! Masterful!

Remnants of Miyazaki but fresh. Powerful. Inspirational!

The master maestro Vangelis - RIP. You are now composing the music of the spheres for the Stars.

You will be forever loved.

@cell @kaia "you eventually pay for it by eventually becoming cute and adorable and an all around friendly and sociable being :33"

That was highly optimistic but also very charming!

@kaia Yes children, this is what a highly productive study session™ looks like!

@kaia I just fact checked myself and I remembered a particular detail incorrectly. Carl Ziess AG created the lens, NASA bought 6, S.K. bought 3. Wow

@kaia Because Stanley Kubrick insisted on using only natural light from candles when filming Barry Lyndon, he went to NASA to create a super cinema lens for him in order to capture enough light into the 35mm film cameras that he was working with.

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