@kaia Benefit: Exercise

Disadvantage: Now the whole world knows you're just a hamster on a wheel

abortion, cops, Nebraska, fb/meta 

@g RE: ""Nebraska Cops subpoenaed a teen's facebook dms so they could prosecute her for having an abortion.""

Beyond repulsive.

Attacking an emotionally distressed victim. It would be nice if they had a heart.

@kaia I hope it makes you feel safe to know the metal 747 aeroplane that you fly inside of may still run on a floppy disk:

@Novachord On each track, use an EQ plugin that shows the audio spectrum. See what parts of the sonic spectrum it's taking and shape it with the EQ. Sometimes boost the frequences of that track but often use the EQ to cut offending frequences and make it sit in the mix.

After doing that to each of the tracks, THEN use a sidechain compressor to duck them out.

I think it's a two part process in that order.

@kaia Is this their special "revenge for Brexit" tactic? It's not like Ireland left the EU!

I guess that it will work... against Tourists, English people who immigrated to Deutschland, etc.

@caravaggio @FuryWarlock @Novachord @hecate It's an amazing step forward. I'm excited beyond words.

We should consider decreasing the amount of text used to decrease reading time.

@kaia Right. You didn't buy the software, you bought a licence. So even though it wasn't a bloody subscription you're still basically...

... rhymes with ducked.

@opensourcegardens @plants Beautiful!! I have friends who are very interested in this and a and Windpunk future. They've been looking at smaller wind machines, less than 2M high, trying to mix Wind and Solar for Net-0 but still hi-tech living.

Is there a list of countries where the non-GMO seeds be delivered to? (Sorry if this was already answered)

Thanks for being on Mastodon!

@FuryWarlock @caravaggio @Novachord @hecate Novachord created an amazing Pink Floyd style 30 second instrumental song for the Legend of Runa - Freedom.

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