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Here is a scene that should come after Post 25 and before Post 28 (Michael’s public humiliation & being bullied). I will post the text caption on the comments below :)

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Caption (Part 1) :

Aside from his incredible skills, Michael also has a compassionate heart. I witnessed this one afternoon inside the campus.

There was a little girl being bullied by her classmates. She was pushed on the floor and her belongings were thrown away. It wasn't just Michael who had seen this. There were also several students but they didn't had a kind heart like Michael's. He approached the child and said

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Caption (Part 2)
"Hey, stop crying. You know, there'll come a time that you'll look back to this day and you'll realize they're not worth the tears. They're only doing this because they are scared. They're scared because they know you will grow up more intelligent, and more successfull than them. They're trying to prevent that to happen. But we both know better. Just keep standing up every time."

The mom

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Caption (Part 3)

soon came rushing in and the child told her about a teen boy who helped her. But before the mom could thank Michael, he had already walked away. That was so cool! He didn't wait for any recognition at all! But he still feels lonely because he knows that even though he's being kind to others, he would secretly love someone to be kind to him and rescue him, too.

@caravaggio @wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord This one made me cry (no exaggeration). Again, combination of text and portraying the emotion itself withing the design is the perfect combo. Awesome work! This is very relatable to whomever was wronged in this kind of way and you managed to paint/describe it so well.

@hecate @wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord It is heartbreaking indeed, but we will soon be able to see how the character arc of Michael and Runa develops as the story progresses 🙏

@caravaggio I love this picture and idea behind it. Heart touching little girl. Thanks for sharing!

@wizard Please tell me the vision of music for this picture. I think that overall mood should be bittersweet. Sadness and misery of little girl. And after Michael helped - major chords with happiness feeling

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