@wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate Here is Post 26 when Runa follows Michael home and the first time he hears Michael play the guitar. She was fascinated and touched by his talents and thought that it isn’t something to hide, in fact Runa feels he need to empower him and boost his confidence. She is now decided that she wants to start the “Project Michael” :) 🎵💻 Captions will follow below as comments :)

@wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate Caption: “I watched him play his guitar after doing some hacking marathons in his laptop. And my oh my! This boy is brilliant! He's very talented and skilled. He should believe more in himself. He's got more skills than the whole of his school! Heck, even more intelligent than adults I've seen. There's got to be something to boost his confidence --”

@Novachord @wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @hecate Awesome! Sounds great to me! Whatever style of guitar playing you think is best for this scene’s mood as a musician 😊🎵

@caravaggio @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate QI's Mastodon is working well although I miss using Emoji's instead of just the Star icon.

I'd love to add more to show my appreciation for how wonderfully this is coming along, with concepts like "empower him and boost his confidence" and "start Project Michael" - so awesome @caravaggio !

@wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate Thank you Wizard 🙏 I'm also receiving a lot of help and recommendations from everyone so this will be great!! There will be lots of room for more inspiration in the future as well so I'm looking forward to it 🤩

@wizard please listen to QI Post 26 MIchaels Guitar.wav

in QI\Work\Shorties For Social Media\Post 26 Michaels Guitar folder
or here

@caravaggio @wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord I really really like Runa's face expression when she listens to Michael's music. It's not just about the fact when you see a talented person, in her eyes you can see that she sees his good heart. @caravaggio Great job on capturing the emotion!

@hecate Thank you! I’m glad you like it! It means so much to hear your feedback. All credits to the author and @wizard for the idea! Also, there will be an animated version of this, featuring @Novachord ’s very heartwarming guitar composition. ❤️

@caravaggio @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate @Ragnar Future idea for Caravaggio + Novachord: I would love to see an animation of this scene with Novachord's music.

It would be awesome for the K.N.O.W. crystal on Runa's forehead to fade in, light up and start swirling because Runa is so deeply emotionally affected by the power of Ren's music which causes her to fall in Love with him despite his short comings.

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