@wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @Visionnaire Here is Post 21 to start with Michael Ren’s background and how Runa met him 😉

@caravaggio @FuryWarlock @Novachord @Visionnaire I don't see much of a difference with his left eye. I guess he's winking? 😉

Would it be okay to open both eyes with the introduction of this character?

@caravaggio @wizard @Novachord @Visionnaire agreed about eyes , if its really first impression, then it will be much better.
But next one could be winling frame.
Overall amazing, very friendly looking

@FuryWarlock @wizard @Novachord @Visionnaire hello! 👋 got it! Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions, it's a lot of help in making sure we get the story right 😊 Will make both his eyes open 👍

@FuryWarlock @wizard @Novachord @Visionnaire Thank you 😅 Wow same here. I’ve unsuccessfully resisted ordering pizza last weekend. I gave in 😅 Michael is quite the pizza ad guy 😄

@caravaggio Please share with us the feelings of Michael Ren in the second part of the drawing to the right.

@wizard Yes, here is the caption:

(Cut 1st part of paragraph) Runa narrating: “…Michael, was too, actually. He wasn't really confident when I first met him. When I first met him, he was a shy, awkward, introverted, and tramautized teenager who didn't believe in himself. Kind of like me.”

-> I’m thinking he’s feeling alone & lonely, cold, self-doubt, and yet there’s a strong rebellious feeling deep inside him wanting to be unleashed.

@caravaggio Excellent! I recommend deleting the word "teenager". That could be obvious with the school scene.

Yes, he’s feeling alone & lonely, cold, self-doubt, and yet there’s a strong rebellious feeling deep inside him wanting to be unleashed and also the Author continues to mention that he KNOWS he has talent - but there are psychological factors - including a lack of belief in himself and conservative relatives - that STOP his brilliance from coming out.

@wizard This is noted Wizard, thank you for the additional pointers 👍

@wizard I lost 😀 please tell me for what video or picture I must make a music

@Novachord @wizard Hello Novachord! 👋 I think it will be Post 22 where Runa escaped some drones and she hid in an abandoned building to gather intel from a hacker named Phoenix. :) I think @wizard mentioned he likes a Bladerunner style music :)

(Copy pasted below from Wizard: )
Novachord: How about some bladerunner style drone chase music?

Inspiration might include:…
(yes I like the Kebu version! :))

The video isn’t done yet but est about 30s long too :)

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