Hi 👋 @wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @Visionnaire Here is one of the comics animation with two panels in the video. Post 20:

Note: This is a compressed video. The original export is —> The video is 33seconds long and I used stock SFX for the rain, thunder, doorbell and also music in the meantime :) It would be great to put the music you compose :)

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@FuryWarlock @wizard @Novachord @Visionnaire @Shinobi Thank you! Yes, for now I just placed a temporary stock Lo-Fi music in the video, but will replace it when Novachord composes an original music that will suit better for the video 😊🎵

@Adonis @wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @Visionnaire Hello Adonis! 👋 in this scene, she was relaxing by the window and looking back to all the challenges she faced before, but then she's surprised by the door bell chime from her front door. She's not expecting anyone and it's Michael surprising her with a simple pizza and his thoughtfulness. She was not used to being loved and taken care of and being checked on because she was a loner for so long. Am I correct @wizard

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