Hello @wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate 👋 Here is Post 28 (Although there’ll be a new scene before this) This post is where Runa gets to witness Michael being humiliated publicly & on social media by the other students in his school. Runa is continuing to “watch” over him through the school’s security system only to find out he gets bullied for finally having courage to believe in himself. By the next post he gets on his moped away. Will post the caption in the comments :)

@wizard please listen to QI Post 26 MIchaels Guitar.wav

in QI\Work\Shorties For Social Media\Post 26 Michaels Guitar folder
or here

Hello @wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate

Here is a scene that should come after Post 25 and before Post 28 (Michael’s public humiliation & being bullied). I will post the text caption on the comments below :)

@wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate Here is Post 26 when Runa follows Michael home and the first time he hears Michael play the guitar. She was fascinated and touched by his talents and thought that it isn’t something to hide, in fact Runa feels he need to empower him and boost his confidence. She is now decided that she wants to start the “Project Michael” :) 🎵💻 Captions will follow below as comments :)

@wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord Here is Post #24 (Previous was 23, my mistake in my post earlier) 😊 Runa is following “Phoenix”. She has great hacking skills and she was able to trace who the person is behind the name “Phoenix”. Runa and Luna (Master Yupa) follows him to get to know who he is. (Caption for this post is in the alt text) 🙏

Hello 👋 @wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord QI Team. Here’s Post # 22 when Runa was escaping the UMCI drones through abandoned buildings. She manages to escape them, opens her laptop and finds valuable answers for the information she seeks :) Thus backtracking to when she meets Michael! 😊

Hi 👋 @wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @Visionnaire Here is one of the comics animation with two panels in the video. Post 20:

Note: This is a compressed video. The original export is nextcloud.quantumindigo.org/s/ —> The video is 33seconds long and I used stock SFX for the rain, thunder, doorbell and also music in the meantime :) It would be great to put the music you compose :)

Runa hacking den with Ren, v0.05 - not final.

Credit to the creator Caravaggio.

@Novachord Here is a low resolution preview of the Fight Night music video.

Fury and the team are still making a few tweaks but it's close. Please ignore the low resolution pixelation, the actual video will look great!

Runa hacking den, v0.06 - not final.
I think she's looking too happy but she looks happy when doing art with Ren. See other graphic.

Credit to the creator Caravaggio.

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