@caravaggio Hey!
Can you send me a list of tracks for posts that I already sent to you. I think I could miss to send some music to you. And please send me numbers of the posts for whom I need to create music now or soon.

@caravaggio May be some mess happened...
So Post 45 - Wall of memories (or Tsunami , I don't know which is better) _ a hard and powerful one.
Post 46 - I heard Ren's Voice - soft one

@wizard @ Please listen to updated version with re-recorded guitars:
QI Together Through Time Acoustic NEUMANN.mp3

@caravaggio Hello Caravaggio! Can you give us (me and @wizard) you favorite music for first video. The one with piano. Or other that you like. Thanks!

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@wizard Here’s a first attempt to make a teaser for the comic. The high quality version is uploaded on NC. Kindly let me know what you guys think? :) Thank you!

Music: One Against Gravity by Quantum Indigo

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