Hello @wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @hecate @Visionnaire 👋 Here us Post # 33 when Runa grabs Ren away to escape from the faculty staff. Runa is obviously excited and thrilled while Ren is so scared and confused 😅 Will post the caption on the comment below :)

@wizard @caravaggio @hecate
I liked the character Master Jupa, I think in the future he will play an important role in what is happening.
I really like bright and colorful illustrations that seem to take you to another world, while at the same time leaving room for the imagination
It is insanely interesting to learn more about how the relationship between the main characters will develop. I look forward to continuing the story of Runa's adventures and the creation of Quantum Indigo

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@wizard @caravaggio @hecate @Visionnaire Another portion of feedback:
Alina 30 y.o:
I have always been interested in stories about space, creatures from other worlds, about their travels and adventures on the Earth. The plot is addictive and hard to put down.
What is happening in Runa's life is very interesting to follow. I hope that in the next parts author of the comic will talk in more detail about what a K.N.O.W. crystal is.

@wizard @caravaggio @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate
"How often do we help those who are in trouble?
How to recognize true love?
These and many other questions come up as you read. In my opinion, it is important for each of us to find answers to these questions :)
Ekaterina 33 y.o."

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@wizard @caravaggio @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate
All the trials and adventures of the Rune, her experience so subtly mirrors for us, people, our global problems, which are worth thinking about: is money really the most important thing? What is each of us doing to improve our Planet? How to help children be kinder, protect them from bullying and a lot of peer attacks? Why, seeing us as stronger, smarter and more promising, do many want to break our spirit? "

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@wizard @caravaggio @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate
Another portion of feedback :
"Initially, I want to say that this type of reading is not my format.
But I began to read and somehow quickly got involved. :)
Most of all I liked that you can look at our planet and people from the side, through the eyes of Runa.
Hooked, where at the beginning it is written: "there are good people here, but the majority are not." Immediately, willy-nilly, you think, how would Runa see me? :)"

Hello @wizard @Visionnaire @FuryWarlock @Novachord @hecate Here is Post # 31 from the Posts Proposals next batch. I will post the caption on the comment below :) (Please note: I will also change all previous posts names of Michael into Ren)

@wizard @caravaggio @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate
3/3 "And the first friend and the kidnapping were obviously with a time interval, but they go under one memory.
So the numbering of memories only adds questions)))

Aaaaaaa! I want a sequel!"
Ksy 39 years old

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@wizard @caravaggio @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate
2/3 "A purely subjective feeling that the original text was translated into English.

I like drawings. The only thing that confuses me a little is that some of the numbered memories do not match. And sometimes it may well be that they pop up in a different order. But, for example, the moment with Michael and the little girl, this is clearly one memory, but there are 132490 and 133600."

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@wizard @caravaggio @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate
Another feedback:
1/3 "I like history. Very. At first, it knocks down a little either jumping in time back and forth, or the fact that there are a lot of questions at once in different periods. And it’s not entirely clear this is such an artistic device, and there will be answers further, or “they will deceive us again, they won’t give us anything”)) But since this is a plot, there is great hope for the first.
Easy to read."

@wizard @caravaggio @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate
2/2 "The text is written in an easy and pleasant to read form.
I am not a fan of the theme of space, the universe, etc.
But despite this, it was interesting to read the comic and hard to stop)
Thanks to the author for such an excellent and high-quality work!"

Emilia, 14 years old

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@wizard @caravaggio @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate First but not last feedback on comic series that i'm gathering:

1/2 "The first thing I want to say is that the illustrations are perfectly thought out.
Full compliance with the text itself.
You need to be able to compare illustrations with the text while giving the reader free rein to fantasies. Here pictures draw, but do not erase the border of thinking!
Everyone has the opportunity to see something of their own, close to the heart. "

Hello @wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate 👋! Here is Post Runa finally found Michael in the library. I will put the captions on the comment below :)

@wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate Hello!👋 Here is a new in-between filler for Michael’s humiliation scene. @wizard and I thought it would be best to highlight the situation better because the 2 panels before happened too quickly. Therefore in this scene, one of the ladies Michael approached intentionally spills her coffee on Michael saying “Oops” mockingly while the other recorded it on her phone, thus making a ruckus and the crowd gathered around to humiliate him. ☹️

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Hello @wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate

Here is a scene that should come after Post 25 and before Post 28 (Michael’s public humiliation & being bullied). I will post the text caption on the comments below :)

Hello @wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate 👋 Here is Post 28 (Although there’ll be a new scene before this) This post is where Runa gets to witness Michael being humiliated publicly & on social media by the other students in his school. Runa is continuing to “watch” over him through the school’s security system only to find out he gets bullied for finally having courage to believe in himself. By the next post he gets on his moped away. Will post the caption in the comments :)

Hello @wizard @FuryWarlock @Novachord @Visionnaire @hecate 👋 Here is the next post # 27 :) In this post, Runa sends an encouraging encrypted text that makes Michael finally sum up his courage to “try” to believe in himself. He’s decided to do something at school the next day :) I will post the captions in the comments :) Also in the animation that is to be done, his laptop chimes (a message alert perhaps) and on the main panel, on Michael’s back, an imaginary pair of wings spreads out to show.

@wizard @FuryWarlock @Visionnaire @Novachord @hecate Here is Post 26 when Runa follows Michael home and the first time he hears Michael play the guitar. She was fascinated and touched by his talents and thought that it isn’t something to hide, in fact Runa feels he need to empower him and boost his confidence. She is now decided that she wants to start the “Project Michael” :) 🎵💻 Captions will follow below as comments :)

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